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Best Ableton Templates 2023

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We all know that finding inspiration can be a challenging journey for us, music producers. There are moments when you find yourself in your studio, staring at Ableton's blank project, and not a single idea pops into your head. Or you are stuck with an 8-bar loop idea and can't seem to develop it into a complete track.

Sometimes you just want or need to learn a new genre, but you're feeling lost when it comes to structuring the track or designing the sounds that define that genre.

This is where Ableton templates come in handy. It can be incredibly helpful to have access to Ableton project files created by other producers. There's so much you can learn from dissecting and studying the work of professional producers, especially when you're just starting out. Plus, with each template, you're getting ready-to-use presets, samples, instruments, and processing racks that you can reuse in your own productions. It's a real game-changer for your music production journey.

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How to Choose the Best Ableton Template

When you're in the market for premium Ableton templates, it's essential to consider specific key factors. These include the level of customizability, compatibility with your Ableton Live edition, and third-party plugins required to work with the template. Furthermore, it's crucial that your chosen template aligns seamlessly with your genre preferences. For instance, if you're using Ableton Live Standard, it's important to ensure that your selected template doesn't rely on effects and synths exclusive to the Suite edition.

Explore the Ten Best Ableton Templates for 2023

We're big fans of a wide range of dance music genres, and this list reflects our top picks across various musical styles. When researching the best Ableton templates, we carefully evaluated these aspects, such as easy customizability and compatibility with popular plugins.

We also took into account the use of third-party plugins. Each of the templates on our list has earned good feedback from our community. They offer an array of fantastic features and play nicely with popular synths like Serum. So, without further ado, let's jump into our selection of the 10 best Ableton templates for 2023.

1. U Know U Right [Tech House]

Let’s kick off our list of best Ableton templates with U Know U Right, one of our best-selling templates of 2023. Inspired by one of the biggest hits of ESSEL, this template is perfect for producers looking for a solid starting point for their Tech House productions.

The template is produced according to our best practices - all drum and instrument tracks are MIDI-based so you can instantly change melodies, replace drum samples, and change structure and arrangement. The bassline, synth, and electro organ melodies all use Serum so you can see exactly how we created and processed them.

The template provides a complete structure so you can instantly transform your 8-bar idea into a complete release-ready track.

Key features of U Know U Right:

  • modern sound
  • full-length, "Extended" structure
  • sparse arrangement
  • totally MIDI-based
  • compatible with both Standard and Suite editions of Live
  • requires only one third-party plugin Serum

U Know U Right is best for:

Producers who are looking for a highly customizable Ableton template that makes it easy for beginners as well as experienced producers to create modern, release-ready Tech House tracks.


2. Life After [Melodic Techno]

Our next Ableton template, Life After, is inspired by the sound of artists like Anyma, Tale of Us, Artbat, and many more. With this template, you can easily produce your own Melodic Techno tracks without worrying about technical aspects. Life After is professionally mixed and mastered and sounds just like an actual release you hear on Spotify or Beatport.

The template is totally MIDI-based so changing melodies or making any adjustments is a breeze, allowing you to produce completely original tracks. This also provides you with unlimited possibilities to dissect the project and learn all the ins and outs of it.

Key features of Life After:

  • modern Melodic Techno sound
  • full-length, "Extended" structure
  • includes genre-defining sounds
  • totally MIDI-based
  • compatible with both Standard and Suite editions of Live
  • requires only one third-party plugin Serum

Life After is best for:

If you’re looking for a template with a full-length structure and signature Melodic Techno sounds, Life After is a great choice. Its MIDI-based structure allows easy editing of melodies, drum samples, and other elements, making the music production process more inspiring and faster.


3. Waiting [Drum & Bass]

Our next best Ableton template, Waiting, is highly praised by the community template that features beautiful female vocals, rolling drums, a roaring bassline, and a piercing lead.

Waiting is perfect for modern Drum & Bass producers looking for inspiration, ready-to-use sounds, and a reliable starting point. And it's an invaluable learning resource no matter if you're an experienced producer or a newbie in the world of Drum & Bass music.

Regarding customization, you can modify all synth instruments. However, it’s important to note that minor orchestral instrument tracks have been rendered in audio. But for your flexibility, we included corresponding MIDI files so you can replace them with some synths or samples.

Key features of Waiting:

  • mainstream "radio-ready" Drum & Bass sound
  • includes royalty-free vocals
  • compatible with both Standard and Suite editions of Live
  • requires only Serum

Waiting is best for:

Newbies and experienced producers looking to learn and produce the mainstream side of Drum & Bass without investing in many third-party plugins.


4. More Beat [Tech House]

Next on our list of best Ableton templates is More Beat, which is produced using our exclusive instrument racks to help you achieve that analog sound.

To bring you that analog sound and at the same time keep all instruments MIDI-based, we've used exclusive multi-sampled instrument racks based on samples from various hardware synths.

The heart of the template, bassline, is based on a free edition of our MiniBass instrument rack that is created using clean OSC waveforms sampled from small yet powerful US-made monosynth. Because of its size, we managed to replicate all the main knobs of the original synth using macro controls. So basically you're getting a completely playable and tweakable bass synth with that punchy analog sound that you can use in virtually any genre that you want to infuse with powerful low end.

Other synth tracks are also produced using instrument racks based on multi-sampled patches from hardware synths. They come with useful macro controls so you can not only change melodies but also adjust the cutoff filter, ADSR, and many more.

Key features of More Beat:

  • punchy analog sound
  • complete arrangement
  • totally MIDI-based
  • includes a free edition of MiniBass rack
  • includes royalty-free vocals
  • includes 6 multi-sampled instrument analog synth patches
  • compatible with both Standard and Suite editions of Live
  • does not require any third-party plugins

More Beat is best for:

More Beat is a good choice for producers inspired by artists like Chris Lake and Fisher. It’s highly customizable,analog-sounding, and doesn't require any third-party plugins which makes it an ideal template for anyone looking to produce modern Tech House in Ableton Live without breaking the bank on analog synths or their emulations.


5. Only One [Pop / Deep House]

Our next Ableton template, Only One, is a Serum-based template that offers endless customization options while being one of our list’s accessible templates. It features driving drums, a solid bassline, and a hypnotic synth lead.

Thanks to our MIDI-based approach, you can customize every melody, drum pattern, synth preset, processing, structure and many more.

Only One is compatible with Standard and Suite editions of Live and only requires one third-party plugin Serum.

Key features of Only One:

  • modern "radio-ready" Deep House sound
  • totally MIDI-based and highly customizable
  • includes royalty-free vocals
  • includes multi-sampled piano instrument rack and lots of production-ready presets
  • compatible with both Standard and Suite editions of Live
  • requires only Serum

Only One is best for:

With complete customizability and easy accessibility, Only One is an excellent choice for producers and songwriters looking for inspiration, new sounds, and a starting point for their Deep House and Dance Pop productions.


6. I'm Ok [Hardstyle]

Next up is I'm Ok, a highly customizable Hardstyle Ableton template that features a signature distorted kick, euphoric synth lead, airy pads, and catchy female vocals.

The core of this template is a multi-sampled kick rack (full bass octave) with a separate "tock" chain. This means that you can easily modify the kick sound using various tock samples or by applying additional processing or layering with other samples.

All instrument and drum tracks are MIDI-based so you can not only dissect each element of the template but also easily customize melodies, arrangement, and structure. You can even change the BPM without getting any pitch artifacts.

Key features of I'm Ok:

  • includes complete Hardstyle kick rack
  • includes genre-defining sounds
  • totally MIDI-based and highly customizable
  • includes royalty-free vocals
  • requires only Serum

I'm Ok is best for:

If you’re looking for a solid starting point for your Hardstyle productions, I'm Ok is a perfect choice. It's packed with all the essential elements that define the genre. However, unlike most of the templates on this list, I'm Ok requires the Suite edition of Live. So, if you're looking for a Hardstyle template compatible with the Standard edition then you should check out Special or Fire templates.

GET I'm Ok

7. Bliss [Organic House]

Bliss boasts various unique features that set it apart from other templates. For instance, it doesn't require any third-party or Suite-only synth or plugins, and at the same offers complete customizability - even percussion loops are MIDI-based.

This is achieved by using our exclusive multi-sampled instrument and drum racks. With this template, you're getting 15+ world percussion drum racks with multiple round robins, velocity layers, and articulations. Plus, you're getting a multi-sampled playable xylophone instrument rack with three levels of hardness and two velocity layers. And you're also getting a multi-sampled piano, electric bass, and electric guitar racks.

So for the price of a single template, you're getting a ton of playable instruments that usually cost a lot or are included only in big and expensive orchestral sample libraries.

Key features of Bliss:

  • realistic organic sound
  • complete arrangement
  • totally MIDI-based
  • includes 20+ multi-sampled instrument and drum racks
  • compatible with both Standard and Suite editions of Live
  • does not require any third-party plugins

Bliss is best for:

Music producers looking to produce Organic House tracks without the need for any additional third-party plugins and sample libraries.


8. Overnight [Techno]

Next on our list is Overnight - a Techno template inspired by the sounds of producers like Carbon and Lampe. The template offers complete customizability and is filled with essential, ready-to-use sounds for modern Techno productions.

Overnight offers full-length structure, complete arrangement, and MIDI-based instrument and drum tracks. It's professionally mixed and mastered to deliver you that release-ready sound.

Within this Ableton template, you will be able to see the processing behind each track and sound, and how the tracks are layered and arranged into Live's Arrangement View.

Key features of Overnight:

  • modern Techno sound
  • includes genre-defining sounds
  • totally MIDI-based and highly customizable
  • requires only Serum

Overnight is best for:

Techno producers who are looking for a flexible starting point for their tracks. The MIDI-based structure allows easy editing and provides an excellent project for dissecting and learning.


9. Dance The Night Away [Eurodance]

Next up on our list of best Ableton templates is Dance The Night Away. One of the great things about Dance The Night Away is that it's produced with sample-based instruments. This means you don't need to buy or install any additional plugins to get started. Simply open the project with Ableton Live and start producing your own music.

Regarding customizability, the template is completely MIDI-based so every melody and structure can be easily customized to suit your ideas or lyrics.

Key features of Dance The Night Away:

  • refreshed 90s flavored sound
  • includes genre-defining sounds
  • totally MIDI-based
  • compatible with both Standard and Suite editions of Live
  • does not require any third-party plugins

Dance The Night Away is best for:

Professional producers and enthusiasts looking for inspiration, signature 90s sounds, and a powerful starting point for producing Eurodance tracks. It doesn't require any third-party plugins, making it accessible for producers of all levels.


10. Acid Storm [Big Room Techno]

The final Ableton template we’d like to highlight is Acid Storm. It’s compatible with both Suite and Standard editions, and includes two editions:

  • regular version for Serum owners
  • Simpler edition that doesn't require any third-party plugins. This version comes with exclusively designed instrument racks that you can save and use in your own productions.

Additionally, the Simpler edition of Acid Storm comes with a fully editable and playable TB-303 emulation instrument rack that is based on single-cycle synthesis. It features the same macro controls as the original hardware and delivers that signature resonating sound at no cost.

The template has a complete “DJ-friendly” structure and MIDI-based instrument and drum tracks so you can easily modify melodies, adjust automation, fine-tune processing, and change structure.

Key features of Acid Storm:

  • complete arrangement
  • totally MIDI-based
  • includes Kick Rumble effect rack
  • includes TB-303 instrument rack + other instrument racks
  • compatible with both Standard and Suite editions of Live
  • does not require any third-party plugins

Acid Storm is best for:

Big Room Techno and EDM producers inspired by artists like Hardwell and Maddix, as well as Acid Techno enthusiasts looking for a versatile starting point.


No matter the genre you produce, each template on our list offers outstanding value and complete customization possibilities, all while requiring just one or no third-party plugins.

You might be wondering why only Abletunes templates are featured on this list of best Ableton templates. Check out the table below to find out.

Abletunes Templates Other Templates
Sound quality Release-ready sound polished in a professional studio Sometimes okay, but usually, you end up with a "karaoke" style remake produced in someone's bedroom
Samples Royalty-free samples from Abletunes and illements sample packs Samples from unknown sources or even extracted from original tracks
Customization Most of the templates are MIDI-based Mainly audio samples
Third-party plugins One, max two third-party synths or zero third-party plugins at all You need to install many third-party synths and effects
Vocal samples Exclusive royalty-free vocal samples Vocals extracted from original tracks or unlicensed vocals from third-party sample packs
Custom instruments Many templates include exclusive multi-sampled instrument racks (i.e. piano, guitar, analog synths, percussion, etc) At most, you'll receive a Simpler loaded with only one sample
Structure and arrangement Full-length track structure with complete arrangement Complete arrangements are a rarity; typically, you'll find templates that focus on breakdown and drop
Licensing Flexible licensing - the minimum requirement is modifying the main melodies Grey area
Support Superior customer support Sometimes it's okay, but usually involves interactions with various producers or results in no support at all.


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If you're looking to experiment with something free before investing in these premium templates, explore our selection of free Ableton templates. You'll be surprised how they can be a game-changing factor in your production workflow.