I wanted to take a moment to say that your templates have changed the way I look at production. These are such amazing starting points and I just had to say how much I appreciate the team there at Abletunes! Justin U
I just wanted to say your templates are amazing! I 'm trying to learn music production and I was starting to feel stuck with the youtube tutorials and masterclasses. But for me these templates are a goldmine for learning !! Thank you for making these C.M.
Just wanted to give you guys some positive feedback. I recently purchased the ''Coming Home'' template and my mind is blown. Please give my thanks to the artist that created the project. It is goddamn incredible and I am learning so much. Your templates are always high quality but this one is by far the best I've seen so far. Cheers. Emmerson T.
...BTW I love, love, love your templates. I don't use them as templates really, but I learn composition and production by studying your songs. I think they're excellent. Then I try to recreate tracks similar to yours from scratch as exercises and I find it really improves my skills. Thanks again! Philip M
Just wanted to let you know I think you're templates (i've bought three) are really good. Not just cool sounds but actually good songs with good vocals. I learn so much by studying and attempting to recreate these tracks. Thanks for making this service. Philip
Hi guys, I've been an avid consumer of all your products over the last few years and it's really helped me speed up my production process. I never considered using templates until I stumbled onto your website and discovered their worth. So, kudos to you guys, and thank you! N.N.
Just wanted to say thanks for all the great packs! Because of the tools you have provided, my new future bass project got signed to a nice label :) Jordan
I'm so glad i found you guys. Your templates so inspiration-bringing and awesome. I'm upcoming EDM producer and i really like to experiment with different producers styles to create something new for the scene. You guys just bringing that on the table :-) P.V.
I love Abletunes. I've learned so much just by seeing how the templates are arranged, mixed, sound designed, and mastered. I've had a lot of success creating my own tracks inside the templates. T.B.
Hello Dear Abletunes Team! Sorry for my english! I am just beginning to learn to writing music and Ableton Live! Thank you so much for this simple and perfect templates and sample packs this is very big help for me in learning Ableton and writing music, philosophy and skills in it! Alex
My first recommendation to new producers is to open projects from others and study them. Abletunes enables you to do just that and I find myself downloading their releases quite often to learn from and pick apart. KSHMR
i'm really enjoying the templates i've bought so far. it helps me realize how convoluted my own material can become sometimes. and, i've learned some genius new techniques! again, thank you for what you do. TJ
...I'm loving your site! I have a list of templates I'll be getting in the near future. I'm learning a tonne! :) John B
Hey, Just wanted to pass along that your ableton templates are beyond great. Honestly I don't know who your producer/engineer is but they are superb. I use the templates to brush up on mixing or study how to get a certain sound I like and apply it to my own work. I've purchased all the Future Bass ones, more than worth it! As a person who learns by imitation and studying others these are the perfect tools for learning! :) Jake C
Your site really helps us & gets us going when we have a little producers block haha thanks again! Riggi
I have learned A LOT from deconstructing and reverse production and I just wanted to say thank you for playing a big role in my music production education... Zac
Ive checked out some of your free packs and it really helps me break down the structure of the track. The knowledge i gained by studying your free templates took weeks off what I would have to find out on my own. Matt B
Your site is absolutely amazing, can't even tell you how much I have learned without having to dig for hours to get to what I need. Will definitely recommend. Kyle
I got your Melbourne Template and it's simply amazing! finally i think i have reached the 93% Pro level only by analyzing the chains, I rediscovered the pleasure of "just making music", today my art director answered me "FATTTTTT!!!" for my last track, I think you are on the way of change my life...Thanks a lot :) N/A
First, i'd like to say I am a HUGE supporter of Abletunes. I have been purchasing your templates for years and I absolutely LOVE the techniques that you use because they are actually CORRECT. I studied "Mixing & Mastering" from Grammy Award Nominated: Luca Pretolesi of Italy and you guys use some of the same techniques as he does and that amazes me. I believe your "Producers" and "Mix Engineers" are GENIUS and I just wanted you guys to know that I appreciate what it is that you are doing. [...] Anyways, just wanted to let you guys know I appreciate your business and I am happy that there is actually a company that wants to teach people on how to become better Producers / Mix Engineers the CORRECT way. There is SO MUCH misinformation out there and I am thankful for your guys proper approach to producing. THANK YOU! Furious Stylez
I really respect what you are doing with your company. I have been involved with music for a long time and I believe there are a lot of misunderstandings about production. The way music production is taught in many places I feel is completely wrong and often leaves students at the end of their courses feeling uninspired and that they will never achieve their musical dreams. Breaking down songs into professional templates and letting users work out the musical rules is a great way to improve production. Well done :) Simon Freston
Please don't ever stop creating new and awesome templates! Your works are one of the things in life that I feel are worth spending every penny on. As a a man with many musical ideas, you cut the technical side of creating a professional sound, and allow me to focus on bringing my ideas to life. I've had success with your templates, creating music that has been played on BBC Radio here in the UK, and I'm just about to get dug in and get spending on a few more of your tasty templates. Thanks again, for being AWESOME. Owen
Thank you so much for the templates, the production value is awesome, studying them really helps out. Waldemar S
These templates are well put together and answer a ton of questions for those of us who are quite comfortable with composition, production and mixing, but may not be that astute with the techniques of modern EDM music. Royd
I use your projects to reverse engineer to learn structure and how to make tracks, it's so god damn helpful... Thanks for teaching me 40% of everything I know! Your services are great! Jack
Hi guys, just want to say big thank you for all you do. I bought 3 templates from you, and they are awesome, production quality is top class, sounds like beatport top bangers. I was really blown away when I saw that such a top class sound was made only with ableton native plugins, you really opened my eyes. And I want to tell you, I tried other guys templates, for example [removed]. And you know, their templates are suck in comparison with yours, empty master buss,almost no EQ and processing, there is nothing to learn from that templates, but yours is a real deal. Thank you. Fill
soundz nice, soundz fat... i learn THE WALL OF SOUND…many things were answered me in your products! jazz.K.lipa
I just wanted to say that so far, I have bought 3 of your projects and they are all amazing, excellently produced and really inspirational! Dave Millington
Got me my second template today and i love every bit, these templates help me really getting the most out of ableton, they are clear, well structured and versatile. Can’t wait for the next batch to arrive. Chris
I can honestly say with a abletunes template in place I can now create tracks quicker than ever and more importantly put down for a song what I’m imagining without second guessing my mastering efforts. I now use abeltunes template every time I start a track with my audio and midi instruments routed through the reverbs, eq, and compressors etc that where on the previous purchased template. I have spent much time and money studying video tutorials via the net only to be unhappy with my final mixing. Now my drums, Synth, vocals glue together so tightly I’ve never been happier. Too all would be producers frustrated with there mastering efforts don’t hesitate buy now and get creating! Michael
Hey Guys. Want to thank you on the fantastic work you provide to get all of our creative juices flowing. I learned immensely from your templates and love buying them to see what other techniques you use on different style tracks. Definitely, you guys provide a platform for dedicated uprising artists and individuals to advance their technique and talent who may lack the education or skill in some departments. You really do deliver and I have nothing but the utmost respect for what you do. Mike
...great website, learnt more from being able to dissect a template than i did in a 2days/10week music course using ableton... Rhys Williamson
Your templates are sick... They sound like actual productions heard all over the world and what I pick up from them is priceless... Deepen
Love what you all are doing and it really helps us up in coming producers get a better feel for a certain genre and learn what we are missing. Brandon
...I've always had ambitions to get into music, but never knew how to start. I'm learning more about music production, and Ableton live now, than I ever had or will through hours of online classes. Thanks again, and keep it up!... Yoonjae
Abletunes website is the best, I've improved so much my Ableton Live use with these template and I've learn more additional techniques! Ivan