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Free Ableton Templates

Want to try our templates before you buy or just looking for some inspiration?
We have four expertly produced free Ableton templates for you!

Ableton Live is one of the most popular DAWs and there are lots of tutorials and how-to's out there. But templates can give you a deeper understanding of every aspect of music production, from sound design and arrangement to mixing and mastering.

For example, you can see how each sound is produced, from synth preset to layering and additional processing. You can hear each track in isolation and get your hands on its processing so you'll better understand why it sounds the way it does in the mix.

And the most powerful advantage is that you can disable or change the processing of every track and thus hear why and how the sound changes.

Lots of our customers use our templates as a starting point and get their tracks released by top music labels like Ultra, Spinnin', Subliminal, and many more. Rather than starting from scratch each time you make a track, you can start with a clean mix and complete arrangement. Our templates allow you to focus on the creative side of music production without worrying about mixing, mastering, sound processing, and structure. This makes music production faster, easier, more creative and helps you to overcome creative blocks.

Enjoy the best and most customizable free Ableton templates produced by our skilled production team.

Dope as F__k [EDM]

Dope as F__k is a powerful EDM anthem inspired by the sound of labels like Spinnin and Musical Freedom. It features a melodic breakdown that leads into a pounding drop field with catchy pluck melody, electric bass, and driving drums. It will be a solid foundation for your Big Room and EDM tracks. All you need is Ableton Live 9 Suite and Sylenth1.

Nobody's Watching [Bass House]

Nobody's Watching is a Bass House template influenced by the wicked sounds of Salvatore Ganacci and Valentino Khan. The best part of the template is that it is produced with only Live's plugins and synths so you only need the Suite version of Live to work with it. And of course, it offers endless customization possibilities and ready-to-use sounds to play with. All you need is Ableton Live 10 Suite and your creativity.

Hideout [Future Bass]

Hideout is a free Ableton template that features futuristic drums, stabby chords, upbeat melody, and melodic piano. It will be a solid foundation for your chilled Future Bass tracks. And don't forget that you can easily turn it into Hip Hop, Pop, or even Dubstep tracks. The limit is your imagination! This template requires Ableton Live 9, Sylenth1 and Massive.

Freedom [Piano House]

This free Ableton template will give you a decent starting point for your upbeat and catchy Piano House productions. It features driving piano riff, plucky bass and swinging drums. "Freedom" requires only Ableton Live 10 and Serum.

It was produced on our live stream so you can see the whole process of the creation of the template - sound design, sound selection, arrangement, structure and many more.

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What are Ableton Templates?

Ableton templates are basically project files or Live sets (*.alp). In most cases, free (and sometimes even paid) templates created by amateur producers using lots of 3rd party plugins and unknown samples.

At Abletunes we create full-length, release-ready tracks, just like regular tracks from your favorite Spotify playlist, but in the Ableton project file format.

They are fully mixed and mastered using only Live's plugins, so you don't need to buy extra plugins and worry about compatibility issues. We only use a few 3rd party synths like Serum or Sylenth1.

All samples used in the template are from our royalty-free sample packs and come together with the project.

What can I do with our free Ableton templates?

  • Deconstruct and learn arrangement, structure, sound processing, sound design, automation, etc
  • Practice in mixing and mastering.
  • Practice in composition, arrangement, etc.
  • Use them as a starting point for your own productions.
  • Explore new genres.
  • Use sounds, presets, and processing chains for your productions.
  • Remix and turn into a completely new track, and many more...

All our templates (including free ones) are distributed under our standard License Agreement. In short, all samples (including vocals) and presets are royalty-free, meaning you can use them in your personal or commercial productions and pay no licensing fees. And the best part is that if you want to use a template-based track for commercial release, then you just need to change/modify all the main melodies to make them unique.

The best part?

We set up all drum tracks as MIDI so you can easily replace drum one-shots and keep the same pattern or you can modify the pattern as you like. The same applies to instrumental tracks such as bassline, leads, chords. You can easily edit the melodies - change key, melody, velocity, etc.

Thanks to MIDI format, you can slow-down and speed-up the project without affecting the pitch and quality of the sound.

The result is that you can edit almost every track in the project, rearrange it, change the root note and BPM. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity and you can turn an EDM template into Hip Hop or Techno, or just make an original track out of it. There are no rules and no limits!

See how we made two tracks in one hour using Abletunes Ableton templates.