free ableton live templates

Introducing Abletunes Knobs - three free plugins that will liven up your production workflow!

We’ve carefully selected, blended and mapped several parameters to one knob for your convenience, as in some cases we don’t need to dig deep but act fast instead. All three work best as channel insert, though you may try Space Knob on return track setting it 100% and playing with the send level.

So please welcome - Abletunes Knobs: DRIVE, SPACE and ATTACK.


free ableton live templates

Distortion unit that delivers some nasty wide-band distortion (stereo). Great for when you quickly want to add some tone and color to your sound. Sounds good on drum groups and percussion tracks, adds grit to bass lines, leads, keys, you name it.

Try automating its level on transitions, try automating its ON/OFF switch to add extra vibe and chopping pulsation couple of bars before the drop.

"Just wanted to say that the Drive Knob is waaaaay cool. I've got [removed], I've got [removed] and a few others that are complicated as s**t but I keep coming back to Knob. It just seems to know what I want - turning thin to thick when I need it. It's great on a a drum buss because it doesn't make the cymbals too overblown. Guitar, bass, sax, great. Nice job you guys...The nice thing about Knob is when I’m saying, hmm, where did that guitar go in the mix? I slap Knob on it and then I go, Ahh, there it is! AND it doesn’t take up too much sonic space. It doesn’t seem to slosh over into other instruments’ spaces, it just becomes more defined and present. And there’s only one knob to mess with! Easy!"

Dave M
"Hey Guys, Hope you are doing great in these difficult times. Just wanna share with you that about a month ago I came across on your three free plugins. It has changed my way of working so much that I can create music much faster without to much of a hassle when you are in the flow. DRIVE Knob is something i was looking for for a long time but never able to find something that is this good! Also the attack is maybe better then SPL Transient designer from [removed] =) Well done! Been a loyal customer for a long time. Keep it up and take Care"

"Hey y'all. Just wanted to give you some love for your very excellent (free) Knobs. Been using them prodigiously in many a production and they never ever disappoint whether fattening up an anemic track (Drive), adding some bite to a toothless percussive (Attack), or adding some (Space) to a dry lifeless sound. Or ALL OF THE ABOVE. Again, you guys rock. Next up, FX Mate!"

Lance C


free ableton live templates

Simplified transient shaper (stereo) with only ATTACK section of the waveform being affected. Adds bite to the drum loops, enhances percussive transients, makes guitar solos sound more solid and confident to name a few applications examples.

But stay moderate with it if you just want to slightly accent the transient (or go nuts with 100% just to see how it sounds).


free ableton live templates

Mid-sized room reverb (stereo). Pretty bright one, creating a mid-sized space, somewhere in between a large room and a small hall. Works well on almost anything, from percussion to synths and acoustic guitars.

see them in action


Tech Specs

Abletunes Knobs are compatible with all major DAWs

  • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • VSTi compatible host software (32/64bit)

Mac OS X:
  • Intel® Mac with Mac OS X 10.5 or later
  • VSTi or AU compatible host software
  • AU (32- and 64-bit)
  • VST (32- and 64-bit)
Download Size: 59.4 MB


We’ve tried to make the download process as hassle-free as possible, no strings attached here, no registration needed, no fangates and stuff.

Still we would be thankful for spreading the word!