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The Top Five Music Production Myths [Infographic]

When it comes to music production, there are a lot of myths and misinformation circling around. Ask 10 people for advice, and you’ll get 10 different answers. Some will tell you to learn music theory, others will tell you not to. Some will tell you to use Ableton Live, others may tell you that you should use Logic Pro X. For every “rule” you will find someone who denies it. In an effort to clear the air and get some clarification, we decided to list the most prevalent music production myths in a form of infographic. Check it out!

The Top Five Music Production Myths

Myth #1: You Need High End Studio Equipment and a Lot of Money

Everything is digital right now. Your laptop, a pair of studio monitors and sound card is all you need to get started with making music, just get what you can afford. Yes, music software is a bit pricey but there are lots of free VST synths, plugins and affordable DAWs out there. If money is tight you can get started with Reaper.

Myth #2. Using particular DAW will make your mixes sound professional

They all do the same thing – applying math formulas for summing. The final result depends on your ears and skills. The main differences between the DAWs are in their workflow and stock synth/plugins and samples that you get with it. A paintbrush is only as good as the painter using it, the same applies for making music. A DAW is a tool in the producers toolbox. So choose a DAW you like or can afford and learn that tool inside out.

Myth #3. Mastering will make bad mix sound great

Many producers think that mastering is like a magic wand that will make a badly mixed track sound like a radio hit. Unfortunately, if your mixdown sounds bad, even top class mastering engineer won’t be able to help you.

Myth #4. Fancy plugins is the key to success

Having expensive plugins does not make you a better producer. In most cases stock plugins will be enough for your needs. Basically you just need to get plugins that are usable for your needs or style of music, surprisingly you can find many great plugins for free.

Myth #5. Electronic music producer needs music theory knowledge

You don’t need to know music theory or play an instrument to be an electronic musician, especially if you have good ear and good taste for music. But if you do know music theory you’ll be able to work faster and better. So it’s not necessary but it will certainly help!

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  1. Totaly agree!
    Perfect info for beginners. Great job guys!

  2. Polyfronetic

    True words that you pronounce. Thanks!

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