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Lunar (Preview)
Lunar (Full Version)

“Lunar” is a powerful Future Bass Ableton template that features massive bassline, heavy sidechained chords, chopped vocal melody and uplifting lead. So if you want to get into Future Bass and Future Pop production or need a fresh instrumental for your upcoming song, then this template if for you!

What you need to work with this Ableton template:

  • Ableton Live Standard or Suite 10 (or higher)
  • Serum v1.213 (or higher)

See what's inside

All samples are 100% mixed
and mastered using Ableton Live plugins without any third-party processing
Tech Specs
Ableton Live 10 (OR HIGHER) Template
Instruments/Plugins: Simpler, Serum
PC and Mac Compatible
Additional VSTi: Serum v1.213
Audio Tracks: 19
MIDI Tracks: 33
Return (Send) Tracks: 1
Root Note: Em
BPM: 110
Download Size: 139.3 MB
All files are royalty free