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Free Ableton Live instruments for contemporary producers

FOUNDATION is an ever-growing collection of sampled and synth instruments ranging from keys and strings to synths and percussion.

Imagine having a library of expertly crafted and ready-to-use instruments that allow you to focus on your ideas instead of tweaking knobs and stacking plugins.

There are plenty of free Ableton packs out there, but for the most part they're quite random and experimental. Not FOUNDATION. Instead, we make modern and usable instruments that sound great out of the box.

FOUNDATION instruments are fully compatible with the latest version of Ableton Live (Suite or Standard) and don't require any 3rd party plugins.

By using only Ableton Live instruments and effects we were able to build great-sounding lightweight instrument racks that load instantly, are extremely stable and smooth, and have low CPU usage.

The best part? It's completely free!




A 2GB collection of 25 multi-sampled piano / synth racks specifically designed for contemporary music production.

Unlike other piano libraries that are designed for more "classic" arrangements and require lots of processing to fit today's Pop and Dance music, FOUNDATION: KEYS offers an expertly curated selection of ready to use piano racks that allow you to focus on the music and keep the creative flow.

Combining multi-samples from 4 different acoustic pianos, FM synth, and advanced processing, these racks provide you with a wide palette of piano and synth sounds for all kinds of modern music.

Most of the racks have 3+ velocity layers giving you a great dynamic range and realistic feel. Each rack comes with handy Macro Controls for effects and rack specific parameters.

What's inside?

Upright Piano I - clean upright piano.

Upright Piano II - another clean upright piano.

Grand Piano - clean Steinway piano.

Old Grand Piano - clean Kawai piano.

Upright Piano Modern - bright and sharp piano designed to cut through the busy Pop and EDM mixes.

Grand Piano Modern - good ol' grand piano processed to sound good in modern music.

RM Children - beautiful piano designed to capture the sounds of melodic 90's dance music.

Lo Fi - wavy, slightly detuned and filtered piano for your lo fi productions.

Gloomy - distant sounding and filtered piano for cinematic production.

Moody - inspiring and nostalgic piano that will fit any genre.

Clavisynth - classic FM Clavisynth sampled from Yamaha TX81Z.

FM Piano - bright FM piano sampled from Yamaha TX81Z.

Electric Piano - 80's flavored mellow and phasing piano sampled from Yamaha TX81Z.

Nostalgie - nostalgic piano for lo fi and cinematic productions.

Cassette - warm piano with tape cassette emulation processing.

Underwater - dark and heavily processed piano for cinematic and Hip Hop productions.

Reminiscence - the unique sound design makes this piano sound nostalgic and modern at the same time. 

90s House Piano - club-ready piano massively inspired by the sound of 90's dance music.

House Piano II - same as above, but with a bit different tone.

In Da House - perfect sample-based synth for classic House and Deep House chords. Features 8 additional macro controls for complete control over the sound.

House Drive - another variation of sample-based House synth. Features 8 additional macro controls.

House Cat - more aggressive sounding sample-based synth for Progressive House and Techno productions. Features 8 additional macro controls.

Hybrid Dance Piano - bright and sharp piano inspired by the classic M1 piano sound.

Smoothie Keys - it sounds smooth, but it can sound bright and driving with a turn of a few macro controls.

House E Piano - bright blend of acoustic and electric piano for House music productions.

Special thanks to Versilian Studios for amazing samples!




FOUNDATION: STRINGS is a collection of free Ableton Live instrument racks that features various string instruments like Cello, Viola, Violin, Contrabass, Psaltery, Concert Harp, Folk Harp, and Strumstick.

Most instruments feature several racks with various articulations like pizzicato, spiccato, tremolo and vibrato.

You can hear these instrument racks (raw version) in our latest cinematic Ableton templates and they performed very well. They sound quite good either solo or layered with other instruments.

We also included 15 additional non-orchestral instrument racks designed to extend the range of tones and applications.

What's inside?

Cello - pizzicato rack, spiccato rack, sustain rack with vibrato / tremolo keyswitch.

Viola - pizzicato rack, spiccato rack, sustain rack with vibrato / tremolo keyswitch.

Violin - pizzicato rack, spiccato rack, sustain rack with vibrato / tremolo keyswitch.

Contrabass - pizzicato rack, spiccato rack, sustain rack with normal / vibrato / tremolo keyswitch.

Psaltery - old stringed instrument that dates from around the 11th century A.D. Articulations: longbow rack, pluck rack, spiccato rack.

Concert Harp - classic pedal harp that works great in any genre, from orchestral music to pop and hip hop.

Folk Harp - smaller harp with a bit different character and sound.

Strumstick - three-stringed instrument that sounds a bit like a banjo and a bit like a guitar. Also called dulcitar or dulcimer.

Deep Inside - deep and full mixture of contrabass and cello.

Hybrid Harp - mixture of Strumstick and Harp, just to show you the idea of how you can combine various racks into unique and creative instruments.

Nylon Pluck - hybrid pluck with an oriental vibe.

Hybrid Viola - classic viola with a touch of amplitude modulation that makes it sound in a new way.

Temple - full and rich sounding rack for cinematic or regular productions.

Viola Noir - dark and dramatic viola rack.

Static Atmosphere FX - industrial and experimental texture instrument more suitable for cinematic or even techno productions.

Vinyl Orchestra - cello with creative turntable style effect, perfect for intros and breakdowns.

Ensemble - big orchestra at your fingertips. This rack is an example of how you can layer various instruments from the pack to get a powerful and even epic orchestral sound.

Outer Space - spacey string pad with pseudo phaser effect.

Violin VHS - nostalgic and moody violin with a touch of lo fi vibes.

LFO Rider - modulated strings for more experimental or cinematic productions.

Evolving Violin - evolving and dramatic cinematic string pad.

Space Pad - cinematic pad instrument.

Dance Pizzicato - perfect pizzicato strings for your pop and dance music productions.

Special thanks to Versilian Studios for amazing samples!




FOUNDATION: BRASS features a collection of multi-sampled brass instruments recreated as an Ableton Live instrument racks. This pack includes the following instruments: French Horn, Trumpet, Tuba and Trombone.

Each instrument features several racks with articulations like sustain, vibrato, and staccato. To make them sound more realistic, most of the racks have 2+ velocity layers.

In addition to the "clean" instruments, we also included 16 additional presets (instrument racks) with advanced processing and layering to provide you with some genre-specific and ready to use brass instruments.

What's inside?

Horn - staccato, sustain, mute (soft / hard keyswitch) racks.

Trumpet - staccato, harmon mute sustain, sustain (normal / vibrato keyswitch) racks.

Tuba - staccato and sustain racks.

Trombone - staccato and sustain (normal / vibrato keyswitch) racks.

ZooYa - inspiring 80's flavored brass instrument.

Horn Mute - processed and ready to use muted horn.

Full Brass Sustain - big brass ensemble.

Epic Horn Sustain - perfect horn for cinematic productions.

Shiny Trumpet Staccato - bright ready-to-use trumpet for Pop and R&B productions.

Trombone Power Staccato - huge sounding brass instrument for Trap, Hip Hop and Dance music.

Hybrid Trumpet - staccato trumpet that we mixed with violin to give it richer fuller tone.

Hybrid Horn - staccato horn mixed with cello for a fuller sound.

Brass Ensemble Staccato - big sounding mixture of horn and trumpet.

Dune Brass - dark modulated brass for experimental or cinematic productions.

Dub Trumpet - ready to use trumpet for dub-infused productions.

Old Trumpet - emulation of trumpet played from an old tape or phonograph.

Duck Players - heavily processed trombone inspired by one of the Bingo Players tracks.

Electoboe - French horn that we turned into an oboe-sounding instrument.

Horn Full Staccato - modified horn with fuller and warmer sound.

Brass Quintet - five-piece brass ensemble with rich, big and wide sound.

Special thanks to Versilian Studios for amazing samples!




FOUNDATION: SAXOPHONE delivers 10+ multi-sampled saxophone Ableton instrument racks designed for a wide range of genres, from Cinematic and Jazz music to House, Pop and virtually any genre you can think of.

Most racks include staccato, sustain and vibrato articulations and key switches (macro-controls) that allow you to quickly transition between them.

What's inside?

Saxello - unusual variant of saxophone similar to a straight soprano. Includes staccato, sustain and vibrato articulations.

Tenor Saxophone - clean version of tenor saxophone rack with staccato, sustain and vibrato articulations.

Mojito Sax - bright and vibrant tenor saxophone ready for Pop and Dance music productions.

Infinity Sax - bewitching and melancholic saxophone inspired by the famous song by Guru Josh.

House Sax - heavily processed saxophone designed for House and Dance music.

Sax Mute - emulation of saxophone mute sound.

Sax DUB - dubby and dreamy saxophone rack that is perfect for House and Deep House production.

Broken Sax - an emulation of a bit cracked/damaged reed. Nothing extreme, just a bit more raspy sounding tenor saxophone.

Broken Dirty Sax - noisy and raspy sounding tenor saxophone rack.

Electro Sax - tenor saxophone with frequency modulation, something similar to digital saxophone emulation.

Sustain Punch Sax - clean sustain saxophone rack with emphasized attack.

Special thanks to Versilian Studios for amazing samples!




FOUNDATION: WOODWINDS features 10+ multi-sampled woodwind Ableton Live instrument racks that capture the sound of Flute, Oboe, Recorder, Bassoon, Piccolo and Clarinet.

Each instrument in this pack comes with several articulations (staccato, sustain and vibrato) that you can easily switch using neat macro controls.

All racks have Reverb, Delay, Compressor and Stereo effect macros, so you can quickly dial in the sound you want.

What's inside?

Flute - staccato, sustain, vibrato (two variations) racks.

Flute Staccato Tropical - staccato flute with extra processing that adds tropical vibes. This flute rack is perfect for Pop, Tropical or Afro House music.

Flute Pad - sustain flute rack with additional processing that turned it into a cinematic pad.

Oboe - staccato, sustain, vibrato racks.

Bassoon - staccato, sustain, vibrato racks.

Piccolo - staccato and sustain racks.

Clarinet - staccato and sustain racks.

Recorder Soprano - staccato and sustain racks.

Recorder Alto - staccato, sustain, vibrato racks.

Recorder Bass - staccato, sustain, vibrato racks.

Recorder Tenor - staccato, sustain, vibrato racks.

Special thanks to Versilian Studios for amazing samples!




FOUNDATION: ANALOG BASS features over 50 multi-sampled Ableton Live racks of bass sounds from various classic and quite rare hardware synths.

No matter what genre of modern music you make, bass is the foundation and it should sound as solid as possible. And it's a fact that analog synths are the best at generating warm and fat bass sounds that cut through the mix. So this pack is definitely a must have for any producer, no matter what genre you're working in.

Analog Bass pack is suitable for both upcoming and experienced producers.

Upcoming producers get a ton of ready-to-use instrument racks that can be instantly dropped into your Live sets and adjusted using handy macro controls.

More experienced producers will find a ton (over 2GB) of carefully sampled analog sounds and pure oscillator waveform multi-samples that are ready to be layered and modulated to make countless bass sounds. We included 2 racks with pure oscillator waveforms of Roland Alpha Juno and Korg MonoPoly that you can use to emulate those iconic synths or push them to the next level using Sampler's modulations and filters.

Synthesizers used for this pack: Roland Juno 6, Korg MonoPoly, DSI Tetra, Casio HT-700, Fender Rhodes Chroma Polaris, Korg DW-8000, Roland Alpha Juno, Roland JX-3P, Roland HS-80, Roland JD-800.




FOUNDATION: GUITARS is a must-have pack for any Ableton producer looking to add organic and authentic guitar sound to their productions. Featuring over 10 multi-sampled clean acoustic and electric guitar instrument racks, this pack has something for every style of music.

The pack also includes 20 creatively processed guitar racks tailored towards specific genres like Lo-Fi, Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Pop, and many more.

Each rack has intuitive macro controls that allow you to adjust effects like reverb and delay, as well as specific parameters to shape the tone and character of the guitar. Some racks even feature macro controls for release, mute, guitar body hits, and feedback, so you can create realistic guitar melodies by automating them.

Almost every rack includes up to 5 velocity layers, ensuring a realistic and dynamic playing experience and natural sound.

Clean guitar racks are a solid foundation for creating different guitar tracks. You can use various guitar effects and plugins to change their sound and create a wide palette of sounds and tones. And of course, you can layer different guitar racks to get unique-sounding instruments.

FOUNDATION GUITARS is a completely free pack, so you can download and start using it right away without any cost.

We didn't use any guitar effects from the Suite edition, so this pack is fully compatible with the Standard edition of Live.

What's inside?

Simple Guitar - very basic guitar for when you need something simple.

Straight Guitar - soft and dreamy synth guitar that sounds almost like keys. With its gentle tone and smooth sound, this rack is perfect for creating calm and nostalgic music.

Spanish Nylon - authentic and warm nylon acoustic guitar, perfect for adding elegance to your tracks.

Emily - electric guitar rack that features release and muting macro controls. Perfect for Rock, Metal, and Blues music, and can be easily customized by dropping an amp on it to make it shine.

Shiny Acoustic - acoustic archtop guitar rack with release, muting, and body hits macro controls.

Shiny Electro - electric archtop guitar rack with release, muting, and body hits macro controls.

Ncore Acoustic - simple acoustic guitar with a bright sound, perfect for adding a touch of warmth to your tracks.

Epicphone - more expensive and rich-sounding acoustic guitar, perfect for a wide range of genres, including Pop, Rock, and Folk.

12 String Electric - 12-string electric guitar that delivers, ideal for adding depth and richness to your guitar tracks.

Black Guitar - deep and rich-sounding guitar with twang and staccato articulation macro controls, as well as macros for slides and feedback.

Green Guitar - hollowbody electric guitar with a twang, hammer on, and staccato articulation macros, perfect for a wide range of genres, from Rock and Blues to Soul, Funk, Jazz, and Pop.

Desert Sun Guitar - moody electric guitar with a touch of vibrato, making it perfect for Hip Hop, Pop, and Rock tracks.

Detective Theme - an electric guitar designed to evoke the mood and atmosphere of classic detective movies.

Clouds Guitar - heavily processed guitar that sounds like a pad. Perfect for creating ambient and cinematic music.

9 PM Glide - gliding electric guitar inspired by a famous track from the 90s :)

Attention - electric palm mute guitar inspired by Charlie Puth. Perfect for creating dynamic and rhythm-driven guitar tracks in a variety of genres, from Pop and R&B to Hip Hop and EDM.

Lo Fi Synth Guitar - dreamy and soft guitar designed specifically for Lo-Fi music production.

Lo Fi Guitar I - electric guitar designed specifically for lo-fi music production, featuring a range of controls to shape its tone and character.

Lo Fi Guitar II - similar to the previous one, but with a slightly brighter tone.

Lo Fi Guitar III - another addition to the series of Lo-Fi guitars, featuring a wider and more unique tone.

Palm Mute Pluck - palm mute plucking emulation, with a sharp attack that cuts through the mix and provides a catchy sound that is perfect for dance and pop music.

Reggae Guitar I - emulation of the classic reggae guitar sound and strumming.

Reggae Guitar II - a variation of the classic reggae guitar sound with a darker tone.

Clean Boost - electric guitar rack with a clean, boosted sound.

Grunge - heavily distorted electric guitar rack, perfect for grunge and heavy rock music.

Grinder - distorted electric guitar with a meaty sound, perfect for heavy rock and metal music.

RoughRider - wide and heavily distorted electric guitar perfect for rock music.

RocketRider - moody and big-sounding distorted electric guitar, suitable for various genres.

Fuzzy Emily - distorted version of the Emily guitar, with a crunchy and fuzzy sound.

Diablo - mid-heavy distorted guitar with versatile tone controls, ideal for heavy music genres.

Power Chord - distorted guitar that delivers a piercing sound that cuts through the mix.

Samples by Karoryfer, Freepats, DONKEY T




FOUNDATION: Vintage Drums brings the iconic drum sound of the 70s and 80s straight into Ableton Live.

This Ableton Live Drum Rack is based on a highly detailed sample set recorded from an acoustic drum kit using 7 microphones. It captures the essence of vintage drums like no other, with each piece of the kit thoughtfully sampled to deliver the most realistic and dynamic drum sound possible. With 4 round robins and up to 6 velocity layers for each drum piece, Vintage Drums rivals even the commercial drum libraries in terms of realism and quality.

Whether you're into Funk, Hip Hop, Lo-Fi, or Pop, Vintage Drums is your secret weapon for that unmistakable retro vibe. Want to capture the signature 80s-flavored drum sound of artists like SZA or Miley Cyrus? Just layer Vintage Drums with an electronic kick and clap and you're done. But don't stop there! Vintage Drums easily adds an organic feel and vibe to any genre, from House to Drum & Bass and even Dubstep.

No more pre-made acoustic drum loops with fixed BPM and patterns. Vintage Drums allows you to program your own drum patterns, apply swing, and easily adjust BPM without any pitch artifacts.

Inside this pack you will find a selection of clean mixes without any processing. Use them as they are or apply your own effects to tailor the sound to your taste. With Vintage Drums you have the ability to control all 7 individual microphones, adjust ADSR and pitch of individual elements of the drum kit to craft your desired sound.

We've also included additional processed and ready-to-use drum racks that showcase the versatility of Vintage Drums. These drum racks are tailored towards genres like Boom Bap, Lo-Fi, Trip Hop, Retro Pop, and even Breakbeat/Drum & Bass.

Please note that all projects contain 1700 individual samples, which may take a few minutes to load into Live. We've also included a LIGHT version with only 4 microphones (and less samples), totally enoght to satisfy 90% of your drumming needs.

Samples by Karoryfer




FOUNDATION: PERCUSSION is a versatile collection of multi-sampled Latin, African, and orchestral percussion instruments, carefully organized into Drum Racks. These racks are loaded with various articulations, up to 4 round robins, and several velocity layers, ensuring a nuanced and realistic sound.

No more limitations with pre-made percussion loops with fixed BPMs. With these drum racks, you're in control. Create your own rhythms, add swing, and adjust the BPM to perfectly fit your tracks.

No matter what genre you're working in, these drum racks instantly infuse your tracks with an organic percussion vibe. Looking for huge orchestral drums? This pack includes a wide selection, from timpani to marching snares, toms, and bass drums.

What's inside?

Orchestral percussion: bass drums, snares, modern snares, rope tension snare, tenor drum, toms, timpani (2 racks), gong, mark trees, suspended cymbal (2 racks), triangles, crash cymbal, hi-hat cymbal.

Latin / African / other: bongos, darbuka, frame drum, agogo bells, anvil, brake drum, cowbells, guiro, ratchet, slit drum, tambourines, vibraslap, woodblock, sleigh bells, conga, cabasa, claves, claps, slapstick, large shaker, simple shaker, shaker, shaker machine, woodblock, finger cymbals.

Special thanks to Versilian Studios for amazing samples!




FOUNDATION: ANALOG KEYS is a 3GB collection of 25 playable multi-sampled synth keys instrument racks for Ableton Live.

Each rack is based on a detailed (one sample per key, 3-5 octaves) set of samples that were designed on various vintage and modern analog synths and then sampled and mapped into Live's instrument rack.

All essential parameters are mapped to macro controls, alongside additional processing racks for immediate usage straight out of the box. You can dig deeper and use all the powerful features of Live's Simpler and effects to add some LFO modulations, saturation, and layer them to get some unique tones.

While ideal for genres like lo-fi, hip-hop, synthwave, R&B, and pop, these racks can be used in many other genres.

This pack is a perfect resource to infuse your productions with warm, noisy, mellow and phasy synth keys.

Synthesizers used for this pack: Roland Juno 6, Korg MonoPoly, DSI Tetra, Casio HT-700, Fender Rhodes Chroma Polaris, Korg DW-8000, Roland Alpha Juno, Roland JX-3P, Roland HS-80, Roland JD-800, Roland Jupiter 4, Korg Minilogue, Kawai K3, Ensoniq ESQ-1, Elektron Analog Four.



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