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Free Riser Sound Effects Sample Pack

Free Riser Sound Effects Sample Pack

Free sample packs are everywhere on the web these days, but it’s rare that you get something that big and quality for free. We was going to sell it, but decided to give it out for free because we love you.

This pack includes 200+ effects, ranging from simple white noise sweeps and falls to huge (up to 32 bars) synth and noise risers. In details you will get: 114 noise risers, 14 noise falls, 47 synth risers, 15 extra long and heavily processed noises and 26 various effects and impacts.

Once you unzip it, you won’t believe you got this pack for free because it’s even better than some paid sample packs.

(additional drum and vocal samples from the demo song are not included)








  2. Rob

    Good day. Are all the sounds from the riser and fall sample pack royalty free to use in my song? Who you mind explaining how it works. I imagine many people use the same sounds in their own recordings and may possibly try to come after another artist for infringement. Best, Rob

    1. Yes, they are 100% royalty free.

  3. Dori

    Thank you for this! We love you back!

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