I did not receive my download link, only purchase receipt
All orders are processed manually. After completing your order, we are waiting for 2Checkout (our payment processor) payment verification. In most cases it takes 15 minutes, but sometimes this process may take a few hours as well as it can be delayed for longer term (up to 24 hours) for more detailed manual verification. We strongly recommend that you regularly check your spam/junk folder.
The template sounds different than the preview on the website. All the Sylenth1/Massive tracks have the default preset loaded.
Please update your Sylenth1/Massive to the latest version.
Ableton can't find Massive/Sylenth1 plugin. But I already installed it.
Please install and activate VSTi version of Massive/Sylenth1.
Authorization Failed: Do Not Honor

Make sure the info (address, name, etc) you fill on checkout page matches the info on the card. Also clear your cache and cookies, and try to allow pop ups to appear (Master Card and Visa have a security pop up). You can also try to use another browser.

Sometimes the "Do Not Honor" error message means that the card-issuing bank is declining the transaction. It can be related to a number of issues including Internet and/or overseas purchasing restrictions on your card. Contact the bank and let them know that you want the transaction to go through (they will be able to see the authorization attempts) and then replace the order. If you still receive problems then your purchase session is probably locked because of previous declines. You must wait 30 minutes, use a different browser or clear your cookies and restart your browser so that a new purchase session is used when you replace the order.

Exactly what do I get when I buy your Ableton Live temaplte?
You’ll get a .zip file that contains Ableton Live project (*.alp) and all the samples used.
What can I do with your templates?

The main purpose of our Ableton templates is learning by reverse engineering. They are fully mixed, mastered and arranged so you can explore all aspects of the music production "from the inside". Moreover, they are royalty free so you can use samples, MIDI melodies, racks, presets and channel strips for your own production. You can also use our templates as a powerful starting point for your new tracks.

You have permission to use them for YouTube videos, DVDs, CDs, games, film, television, radio, websites, audiobooks, mobile apps, web series/movies. For a full list of permitted and unauthorized uses, please check our License Agreement.

Can I pay with PayPal?
Yes, you can purchase our templates using PayPal. Click on 'Buy Now' button and review your order. Then click 'Continue to Billing Information', fill the form (provide real email and other information) and click 'Continue to Payment Method' and select PayPal as a payment option.
Can I pay with MasterCard?
Yes, you can purchase our templates with MasterCard. MasterCard payments can only be used with USD.
I don't see Paypal as a payment method, just credit card.
Try to change currency to USD.
Do you guys have any other alternative methods to pay for products on your site?
Yes. Please contact us using our contact form.
I purchased template but I don’t have required plugins (i.e. Sylenth1 or Operator)
Please contact us and we’ll try to solve this problem by rendering some tracks in .wav or .aiff format.
Can I sell my own projects on your website?
Yes, we are always looking for new contributors. Please contact us using our contact form.


If you still didn't find the answer to your question, send us your question using contact form.