Aether by Origin Sound

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Origin Sound - Aether (Demo Song)

Take voyage and explore the mythic expanse of “Aether”. Immerse yourself with forward thinking chord progressions, soaring synths, introspective sound effects, delicate melodies, crisp drum loops, intricately processed recordings of foley and much, much more.

“Aether” contains a carefully selected range of 39 music loops and one shots that will help you create immersive and futuristic atmospheres. Ascend with a plethora of synth lines and basses, meditative atmospheres, atmospheric chord progressions, sharp melodies, cascading SFX, and more. This pack gives you the tools you need to infuse forward thinking vibes straight into your productions.

A premium collection of 45 drum loops provide an extremely crisp and cutting bed for “Aether”. These drums were expertly processed to ensure they can be dragged and dropped into any production and cut through the mix perfectly. We have also included 11 extra percussion loops that can easily be mixed and merged with the full drum loops to add more excitement to these drum tracks. The incredible collection of one shot drum samples range from roomy kicks to sharp snares, foley bassed percussion and more, providing a mature drum soundscape to add to your productions.

“Aether” is an outstanding collection of meticulously engineered samples and will prove irreplaceable when creating Experimental Ambient, Chill Out, Downtempo, Chillwave, Liquid Dnb, Electronica and more. Inspired by Record such as Soda Island, Inspected and more.

Whats in the pack?

  • 71 Amazing drum hits
  • 15 Intricate drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces)
  • 11 Extra percussion loops
  • 10 huge bass Loops (including Midi files)
  • 13 forward thinking chord Loops (including Midi files)
  • 16 cascading melody Loops (including Midi files)
  • 20 musical one shots
  • 5 Bonus Serum Presets
  • 27 Unique SFX
  • 5 Bonus Textures
  • 26 Bonus Foley Hits
All samples from demo track are included in this pack
Tech Specs
Drum One Shots / Drum Loops / Instrumental Loops
PC and Mac Compatible
24-bit WAV audio
Download Size: 519 MB
All files are royalty free