The easiest way to find the right samples for your beats
The idea of Selektor is simple - quickly and easily switch between one-shot samples while your track is playing to instantly hear how it fits in your track. Just like switching presets on a synth.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: "Selektor is a dope plugin that speeds up our production routine a lot"

Fred Rister: "Love the idea behind this plugin - browsing through drum samples while the track is playing is a sure-way to find the perfect drum shots. It's lightweight, fast and without any unnecessary functions."


Eight-band equalizer with built-in interactive instrument frequency charts.
Now, there's no need to set charts as wallpaper or clutter your desk with print-outs of cheat-sheets, with EQ WISE+ you'll have the ultimate reference built-in while EQ'ing your tracks.

You will find frequency charts for over 20 instruments - from general to instrument specific. Of coursethese built-in charts are just the starting point. Since the sounds in your own mix will always carry theirown context and unique characteristics, you can use the guides as a starting point to get started in theright direction.

Abletunes Knobs

Three free plugins that will liven up your production workflow!
We’ve carefully selected, blended and mapped several parameters to one knob for your convenience, as in some cases you don’t need to dig deep but act fast instead.

Plugins delivered in both VST/AU formats and 32/64 bit versions so they will fit almost every workstation out there.

DRIVE - stereo distortion unit

ATTACK - simplified transient shaper

SPACE - mid-sized stereo reverb

Coming Soon

Work in progress...