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How to Clean Up Sampled Kick Drum Samples

How to Clean Up Sampled Kick Drum Samples

We didn’t post any video tutorials for a while, but now we are back with a quick tutorial on how to keep your sampled kicks clean and free from overtones. Really simple trick, but sometimes it’s very useful.

If you have any ideas for tutorials you’d like to see in the future, leave them in the comments, we would love to hear your ideas!



  1. JO

    Great Tip Abletunes Team!! Always learning with your site!!
    A quick tutorial on “dithering” and “exporting” tracks for several purposes ( live perf, cd, so on…), pros and cons on types of dither and when/how to choose from the available ones,
    Would be awesome!! THANKS

  2. steve

    Nice thank you !
    Would be cool if you can make a tuto about layering synth/leads !

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